Scholarships Awarded 2017-2018

Jun 19, 2017 12:41:33 PM

Topics: Scholarship, MMA News

The Scholarship Screening Committee reviewed sixty-six applications for the 2017-2018 academic years. The Scholarship Screening Committee included Julie Ramer, Chair, Explore Minnesota Tourism, Jim Manson, Revenue and Dora Schumacher, Minnesota State.

There are always more deserving applicants than available scholarships; however, the screening Committee had to make the difficult decision of choosing the winners. The applicants chosen illustrated not only outstanding academic achievement, but a balance of community service, work experience and family obligations.

The recipients for member category are:

Nicole Bauer
Department of Human Services
Sandra Hanson (2).jpg Sandra Hanson
Department of Health
Theresa Haugen
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Lorraine Sellner
Department of Human Services
Kabao Yang-Lochungvu
Department of Human Services

The recipients for dependent category are:

Jay Boder (2).jpg Jay Boder
Mother is Nicole Boder, Department of Human Services
Olivea Boyer (2)-1.jpg Olivea Boyer
Father is Timothy Boyer, Department of Public Safety
Ashley Bursch (2).jpg Ashley Bursch
Father is Darren Bursch, Department of Human Services
Kaley Considine
Mother is Denise Considine, Department of Human Services
Adam Fenlason (2).jpg Adam Fenlason
Mother is Julie Fenlason, Minnesota State
Maria_Frey-sm.jpg Maria Frey
Mother is Karen Frey, Department of Natural Resources
Joseph Hanson
Mother is Sandra Hanson, Department of Health
Carly Jacobs
Father is Thomas Jacobs, Department of Corrections
Anna Jennings (2).jpg Anna Jennings
Father is Jeff Jennings, Minnesota State
Andres Losinski
Father is James Losinski, Department of Administration
Joshua Maxwell.jpg Joshua Maxwell
Mother is Joshua Maxwell, Department of Transportation
Samantha Olson (2).jpg Samantha Olson
Father is Gene Olson, Department of Corrections
Haleigh Stratton
Father is Barry Stratton, Department of Natural Resources
Avery_Tucker-sm.jpg Avery Tucker
Mother is Dorene Fier-Tucker, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Cullen Wiley.jpg Cullen Wiley
Mother is Susan Burns, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Our congratulations and best wishes to those selected.