The MMA Contract has been sent to the SER for Approval

Jan 12, 2018 1:49:14 PM

The language of the MMA Tentative Agreement ratified by members last fall, has been finalized and signed by all parties and sent by Minnesota Management and Budget to the Legislative Subcommittee on Employee Relations. The Subcommittee now has 30 days to meet and act on it. While we do not know what the outcome will be, we remind you that the Tentative Agreements for AFSCME and MAPE have already been presented to this same subcommittee and rejected. MMA believes that we negotiated a fair contract with reasonable wage increases and benefits that are beneficial to members and within what the State can afford.


The current members of the subcommittee who will be voting to approve or reject your contract are:


Senator Michelle Benson, Vice Chair

Senator Chris Eaton

Senator Mark Koran

Senator Scott Newman

Senator Erik Simonson


Representative Marion O'Neill, Chair

Representative Debra Hilstrom, Secretary

Representative Steve Drazkowski

Representative Jeff Howe

Representative Leon Lillie


For more information about the Subcommittee on Employee Relations itself:

Topics: Contract, Negotiations

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