Welcoming MMA’s New Organizer – Russell Raczkowski

Jun 13, 2018 9:33:54 AM


Russell assumed the position of MMA’s organizer in early June 2018.

He has been a member of Minnesota public employee unions a majority of his working life, serving as a Steward in AFSCME and MAPE and holding multiple leadership roles in MAPE, including Local President, Region Chief Steward, and statewide meet and confer chair in the Minnesota State system.

In addition, his Master’s degree in Technical Communication from Metro State emphasized union communication and public participation. His most recent employment was with a Labor Educator with the Labor Education Service (LES) at the University of Minnesota. Part of his educational work at LES involved teaching classes in organizing, leadership development, and effective communication.

Applying principles learned in his own education, his previous labor organizing, and his 25 years working for the State as an educational advisor, Russell will work to strengthen the MMA community and help to build an increasingly cohesive and responsive organization.

Originally from Oklahoma, he has lived in Minnesota since 1988, when he moved to Minneapolis with his spouse and then infant son. He is a gardener and has been involved with a community garden for over twenty years. An appreciator of the arts, he has been an avid music listener his entire life, recently taking up his first instrument, bass guitar.

You can contact Russell by phone at (651) 605-5938 or by email at rraczkowski@mmamn.org

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