MMA Bargaining Gets Started

May 22, 2019 9:30:33 AM

After getting the results of the surveys, your negotiation team has been working hard to consolidate all the feedback and develop proposals. MMA opened bargaining with the State on Tuesday April 30, 2019.

We have nine full days to bargain over three months ending mid-July. Proposals that are Agency specific, called Supplementals will initially be discussed outside the main table but during the same time period, any proposals not dropped or settled before the last week of bargaining will come back to the main table. 

If we come to a Tentative Agreement on or before our last scheduled day of July 17, 2019, then it will be presented as soon as possible to the MMA Board. Once they recommend it, materials with details will be sent to our members by US Mail.

As soon as we reach a Tentative Agreement, the process and timelines for information and voting will be posted on this website. If you have not already signed up for website alerts, we recommend you do so now. 

Expired Contract:

It is not expected that we will settle the Contract and have it ratified by both parties prior to the current Contract expiring on June 30, 2019. This is not unusual. Unlike the private sector, Minnesota Statute says that our Contract continues to be in effect after expiration until bargaining is finished.

Health Insurance:

During this time, we will also be engaged in bargaining our health insurance changes along with the other State unions. This allows us to bring our concerns on health insurance to the table, see how it affects everyone, get as much information as possible and consider the overall effects of the change. But most importantly, it gives each of us, as individual unions, the power of all State employees to bargain the best possible outcome for a benefit that is of utmost importance to our members. 

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