New Staff at MMA

Mar 24, 2021 7:51:31 AM

Tony Brown has joined the staff at MMA as a part-time Business Representative. In his role, Tony will be assisting members on investigations, grievances and answering questions regarding the labor agreement. He will also be staffing the MMA bargaining team during the upcoming bargaining.

Tony started on Wednesday, March 17th. He comes to MMA after retiring from State Service in January of 2020. You may remember Tony when he was with MMA as a Business Representative from 2008 to 2011. Prior to coming to MMA in 2008 Tony had over 20 years of labor relations experience with the State of Minnesota including 12 years with the Department of Employee Relations and 8 years with MN/DOT. During that time, Tony was the MN/DOT and DOER representative on the management team during the MMA contract bargaining for 8 rounds including being the State’s chief spokesperson for the 2005-2007 Agreement.

Since leaving MMA in 2011, Tony was a Labor Relations Manager from 2011 to 2017 at the Metropolitan Council and in that role was the chief spokesperson for management on the contract negotiations with both of the Met Council’s two supervisory bargaining units. In 2017, Tony became a mediator with the Bureau of Mediation Services and then worked for just over a year as a labor relations consultant at MMB. In that role, he was the State’s chief spokesperson for the 2019-2021 MMA Agreement.

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