Scholarships Awarded 2019-2020

Apr 30, 2019 11:46:59 AM

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The Scholarship Screening Committee reviewed eighty-nine applications for the 2019-2020 academic years. The Scholarship Screening Committee included Julie Ramer, Chair, Explore Minnesota Tourism, Jim Manson, Revenue, Marcia Lewis, Commerce, Jay Maruska, DEED and Matthew Clay Minnesota State.

There were more deserving applicants than available scholarships, so the screening committee chose the winners based upon academic achievement, school activities, work experience, family obligations as well as how the candidate gives back to their community.


The recipients for member category are:

Charles Carpenter 
Department of Natural Resources
Jon Van Nurden 
Department of Revenue
Joseph Owen 
Department of Human Services

 Mary Vang 
Minnesota State


Charles Carpenter 
Department of Natural Resources

The recipients for dependent category are:

Kaitlyn Bakken 
Mother is Michelle Bakken, Minnesota State

Henry Beimers 
Mother is Sarah Beimers, Department of Administration

Olivea Boyer 
Father is Timothy Boyer, Department of Public Safety

Ethan Crocker 
Father is Timothy Crocker, Department of Natural Resources

Chloe Drummond 
Mother is Deanne Drummond, Minnesota State

Faith Feold 
Father is Joel Amato, Department of Labor & Industry
Matthew Gish
Matt Gish 
Mother is Mary Gish, Minnesota State
Courtney Hassler 
Mother is Virginia Adler Hassler, Department of Revenue
Kristen Hemann-1
Kristen Hemann 
Mother is Patty Hemann, Minnesota State
Carly Jacobs 
Father is Thomas Jacobs, Department of Corrections
Ryan Jeo
Ryan Jeo 
Mother is Kathryn Reynolds, Department of Agriculture
Alex Lien 
Father is Ricky Lien, Department of Natural Resources
Andres Losinski 
Father is James Losinski, Department of Administration
Joshua Maxwell-1
Joshua Maxwell 
Mother is Joan Maxwell, Department of Transportation
Rena Nietfeld 
Father is Dale Nietfeld, Department of Veterans Affairs
Samantha Olson 
Father is Gene Olson, Department of Corrections
Corey Schneider 
Father is Bryan Schneider, Minnesota State
Jordan Thorpe 
Mother is Lori Thorpe, DEED
Katherine Thorpe
Katherine Thorpe 
Mother is Lori Thorpe, DEED
Rachel Winter
Rachel Winter 
Mother is Sara Winter, Department of Education

The recipient for spouse category is:

Jill Hills

Spouse of Jason Hills, Department of Corrections


Our congratulations and best wishes to those selected.