Staying Prepared for Potential Emergencies, Including the Coronavirus

Mar 6, 2020 7:54:20 AM

State officials are closely monitoring and preparing for the novel coronavirus (now referred to as COVID-19). At this time, no coronavirus cases have been identified in Minnesota [communication director should verify before sending]. Current information suggests there is a low immediate risk for Minnesotans. However, we encourage everyone to take the same precautions for avoiding the flu, which is widespread in Minnesota.

Employee safety

We are focused on the safety and well-being of our employees. State leaders are meeting regularly, and we will update you as we have new information. We are also planning for a variety of scenarios to ensure we are prepared to continue providing services to those we serve. 

  • Agencies are following Minnesota Department of Health’s protocol for travelers returning from an area where COVID-19 is widespread.
  • Agencies are reviewing and updating continuity plans.
  • MMB has provided agency HR offices with guidance on HR policies and procedures.
  • Facilities staff are following CDC recommendations for routine environmental cleaning.

How you can prepare

  1. Practice habits to stay healthy. Healthy habits are the best way to prevent illnesses. Practice good handwashing, get plenty of sleep, and cover your cough. Stay home if you are sick. And remember, it’s never too late to get your flu shot.
  2. Stay informed. Being aware of what’s happening around you can help you respond and better communicate with your family, customers, and the community. Have a trusted source to get your news, such as the MDH’s website or the Center for Disease Control. We’ll continue to keep you informed with important information, and you can always contact your supervisor with questions or concerns.
  3. Develop a personal or family readiness plan. Develop a plan for you and your family and discuss it. Make sure everyone knows who will be helping to provide care for your children, elders in your care, and your pets.
  4. Use resources available to you. The gov website offers tools to help you make and practice a plan. The State’s Employee Assistance Program provides free, confidential consultation on matters involved in your personal or professional life.

Thank you for your cooperation, and all you do to support One Minnesota.


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