Member Benefits

Benefits of being a full time member of  Middle Management Association

  • Ability to participate in and help shape the policy direction of MMA
  • Personal input, via the contract survey, into the MMA contract proposals prior to contract negotiations
  • To have a voice in both Legislative and bargaining objectives, as well as the right to vote on negotiated labor agreements
  • There are twenty five – $1500.00 scholarships which can be awarded each year to full members, spouses and their dependent children
  • Professional Development Funding up to $1500.00 per member per year
  • Eligible to participate in various MMA committees, Local Associations (where one exists for the “location”), and the ability, if so desired, to run for the MMA Board and/or MMA officer positions; as the Board of Directors is comprised of fellow supervisors
  • Eligible to vote in MMA Board of Directors/Officer elections
  • Ability to participate in MMA supervisory training opportunities with paid educational leave that may be offered
  • Currently MMA has the lowest Full Member dues of $18.00 per pay period
  • Together we have more power to advocate for better wages, benefits, job security, working conditions and more. Now and for the long run.