Professional Development 

 What is the  Professional Development Fund   Program?

 MMA’s professional development program offers funding to members for continuing   education. The purpose of these funds is to provide resources and support for members   who wish to further develop and improve their supervisory skill set. They are also   designed to help members stay current with best practices in their field and expand their   knowledge to continue serving as excellent service providers in supervision and areas of   expertise. 


 Who is Eligible:

 Current MMA full-paying members are eligible to apply.


 Funding Amounts:

    • The professional development fund has an annual total disbursement of up to $30,000. 
    • Funds per member, per year, may be in any amount not to exceed $1,500. 


 What is Covered:

    • Funds must be used toward the professional development activities outlined in the application.

    • Expenses such as lodging, meals, mileage, shuttles/taxi, airfare, and registration fees
    • Examples of approved activities include but not limited to the following: Trainings, webinars, symposium, conference, renewing a professional certificate, certificates (such as credential coach certificate), Project management fundamentals course certificate.


 What is Not Covered:

    • Tuition reimbursement and college courses are not eligible for reimbursement.  Members may apply for the MMA Scholarship Program for this purpose.
    • Hobby-related activities.
    • Association fees.
    • Reimbursement of funds paid by the applicant’s agency.


 Application Guidelines: 

    • Eligible members should plan to submit at least 30 days prior to an activity to allow enough time for processing. Please plan accordingly.


    • Applications for January and February activities must be submitted 30 days in advance. However, approval is pending until the Board approves their new budget on January 1.


    • It is the responsibility of the applicant to get prior approval by your agency or supervisor to participate in this training. MMA reserves the right to request the applicant’s supervisors’ signature or copy of the agency travel request.


    • If applicable, it is the responsibility of the applicant to request paid educational leave from MMB.


    • Applicants are responsible for providing all required information requested by the committee or fund eligibility may be forfeited.  


    • Professional development activity requests must be related to the applicant’s current position.


    • Applicants must provide a written rationale stating how the activity will help them grow


    • Members may request funds to support multiple professional development activities not to exceed $1,500.00 in a calendar year.


    • Costs associated with the activity will follow per diems as stated in the MMA contract. Meals that are included in the program attended will be considered a daily meal. No alcohol, travel insurance, upgrades or flight change fees will be covered.


    • Funds will be paid directly to the supervisor for reimbursement once the training or event is completed and all forms (such as a business expense form with actual expenses and itemized receipts) have been submitted. Expense affidavits are accepted using the MMA document and notarized accordingly.


    • Funds will only be reimbursed for costs/amounts of items as listed on the approved application. If requesting funds for costs that may increase (such as lodging or flight), reimbursement will only apply to the original approved amount and not be adjusted for increased cost.


    • The approved professional development activity must be scheduled, occur and reimbursement forms submitted within one calendar (MMA’s fiscal) year of the application approval.


    • Priority will be given to those who have not been awarded the Professional Development funds.


Review Process: 

MMA’s Professional Development Committee oversees the program and will review applications on an as needed basis. Approval is determined by scores from the reviewal process. All decisions are final. 



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