Negotiations Update: 8/21/2023

Aug 21, 2023 9:07:38 AM

Topics: Contract, Negotiations


MMA’s last contract negotiation meetings with MMB were August 8 - 9. During those sessions, our team continued to review proposals from both sides as well as convened in small groups to discuss the overtime provisions in the contract.


Many MMA members are asking why MAPE and AFSCME members are voting on their contracts and MMA is still in negotiations. The fact is MMB sets the bargaining dates with each respective bargaining unit; therefore, we are working within the dates provided to us. As we continue discussions with the State, our team is working hard clarifying and enhancing proposals that have the greatest impact for our membership.


The next bargaining sessions are scheduled for September 20 - 21. We will provide an update after them.


State Opening proposals

MMA Opening proposals