Reminders Regarding End of Fiscal Year

May 2, 2018 2:02:09 PM

With the end of the fiscal year coming up, please check to make sure of your status on the following:


Floating Holiday – Did you use it this fiscal year? If not, schedule it off before June 30, 2019 or you will lose it (see Article 9, Section 2 for further details).


Vacation Balance – Has your vacation accumulation been at or below 275 once during the fiscal year? If not, try to get your vacation balance down to 275 or below before June 30, 2019.  If you are not able to get it down to 275 hours, your balance will automatically reduce to 275 hours for the start of the next fiscal year (see Article 8, Section 1E).


Deferred Compensation – If you are at the top step of your range or will be by June 30th, you are eligible to convert up to 40 hours of vacation to deferred compensation. You must complete the appropriate forms no later than June 7th (see Article 8, Section 9).


You must complete the forms on the employee self-service system to receive the $325.00 State contribution even if you are not eligible for or do not choose to convert vacation to deferred compensation (see Article 16, Section 16).


Compensatory Time Bank Liquidation – Please be aware that, at the discretion of the appointing authority, all or a portion of your compensatory bank may be liquidated in cash. One of the pay periods this can occur is the one closest to July 1st. Check with your individual agency to find out if they liquidate compensatory time (see Article 11, Section 1D(4) and Section 3).

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