We Stand Against Racism

Jun 9, 2020 8:48:18 AM

The Middle Management Association believes that violence and racism have no place in the labor movement, and we reject the idea that union principles should protect such behavior.  We stand in solidarity with marginalized workers in our community and in our own ranks, striving to facilitate their empowerment. We recognize that racism is systemic and undercuts the collective power that unions can martial to serve the collective good of our members and our communities.

We commit to examine ourselves as a union and as people in the labor movement, to accept personal and organizational accountability for our impact, to welcome and to hear recommendations for our own improvement, to call out racism, and to strive for meaningful structural change.  We will always uphold foundational tools of our labor movement, such as collective bargaining and due process that protect workers who are otherwise defenseless.

Racism has no place in the labor movement. We stand in solidarity with those who are demanding justice and lasting organizational transformation.  Middle Management Association will continue to provide diversity training to our members and work toward a more inclusive workplace and union, and will evaluate our performance in these areas on an ongoing basis.  The Association will review its current practices and processes to eliminate systemic biases.  We will actively recruit members and leaders that better reflect the makeup of our membership.

*If you or a member of your staff would like to talk to a counselor on any personal or professional matter, please remember your access to LifeMatters – a free, confidential 24/7/365 health resource. Simply call 1-800-657-3719 or find additional information online at www.mylifematters.com.  For well-being tips and resources, as well as information on upcoming webinars, please visit SEGIP’s Employee Wellbeing page.

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