MMA Board of Director’s Election Results

The nomination and election process for the 2016-2017 MMA Board of directors took another step forward when the ballots for the contested positions of Secretary and Revenue were tabulated by the Elections Committee on Monday, November 23, 2015. Here are all but one of your 2016-2017 Board of Directors and Officers. The election of a Board Director for Revenue was a 3-way tie and will be determined by a second ballot counted on December 5th.

MMA President
Kathryn Hanson
Department of Labor and Industry
MMA Vice President
James Pointer
Department of Natural Resources
MMA Treasurer
Peter O’Grady
MMA Secretary
Shelly Siegel
MnSCU North Hennepin

Jane Boerboom
Department of Agriculture

Lyla Burkman
Department of Health

Jeff Cassidy
Department of Transportation

Bruce Daniel
Department of Transportation

Jamie DeAtley
Department of Human Services

Mike Dolbow

Shawn Donais
Department of Natural Resources

Randal Gordon
Department of Human Services

Dean Hagen
Department of Corrections

Jamie Howe
Department of Human Services

Larry Kruckeberg
Department of Transportation

Lonnie Lilly
Department of Natural Resources

John Magadanz
Department of Corrections

Thomas Maida

Dave Osteraas

Department of Revenue

Michael Parker
Department of Public Safety

Mark Parsley
MnSCU Mankato State University

Julie Ramer
Explore Minnesota Tourism

Brenda Shinaul
Department of Health

Lance Voegele-Allore
Department of Human Services

Nick Witter
Department of Corrections

Five Tips for Respectful Interaction in the Workplace

(A new feature for our MMA website will be articles with tips for supervisors. The article below is the first based on the State of Minnesota’s Respectful Workplace Policy #1432)

By |January 28th, 2015, reprinted from Legacy Business Cultures

There are tons of rules in society, some written and some implicit— a red light means stop and most people obey. In the workplace there are established rules of respect as well.  For example, if you physically assault someone, steal, or don’t show up for work, it’s likely you will be fired. For the most part, most employees have grasped those rules, but it tends to be the unspoken, often unwritten rules of behavior that cause the most problems in the workplace.

Here are our five tips for creating respectful interaction in the workplace. These Rules of Respect are primarily used in our workshops but these rules are so universal they could be adopted and used in a multitude of workplace scenarios to ensure respectful interactions among employees.

  1. Show curiosity for the views of others.

    Science has shown us that mirror neurons work to create empathy among individuals. By taking the point of view of the people we work with we can better understand their motivations.

  2. Seek ways to grow, stretch and change.

    Sometimes we tend to think that our view is the correct one, because it’s all we know. But there are many sources of knowledge that exist within the workplace and all we have to do is take the time to explore them. Learn about that new co-worker or have lunch with someone in another department.

  3. Look for opportunities to connect with and support others.

    When we interact with others in the workplace, it’s easier to conquer our differences by finding ways to connect first. Does that co-worker with the different political beliefs also value family as much as you? This allows you to create a connection with the person based on commonality.

  4. Allow yourself to be wrong on occasion.

    Often when we assume we are right, we reduce the amount of new information that we take in, because obviously we know it all already! A better approach would be to accept that you may not be right all the time and allow yourself to learn from your co-workers’ differences.

  5. Engage others in ways that build their self-esteem.

    Discussions of difference or diversity in the workplace can sometimes get ugly with people hurling personal insults at one another. Instead, try to boost the self-esteem of others when discussing such hotly contested topics. Building self-esteem is a major step toward creating a respectful workplace.

By practicing these simple tips on a regular basis, you can ensure that respect is not just another corporate buzzword in the workplace but an action that all employees partake in. And hopefully, before long, these rules will become ones that we all follow without giving them much thought.

Contract Update – When to Expect Retro Pay


If, as expected, the 2015-2017 MMA contract goes into effect on December 1, 2015 you can expect to see your retro pay (to July 1, 2015) included in paychecks on December 24, 2015. Direct any further inquiries to Gary Kloos at





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MMA Contract for 2015-2017 Expected to go into Effect on an Interim Basis as a Result of a Legislative Committee’s Failure to Approve or Disapprove the MMA Contract

The Legislative Coordinating Commission Subcommittee on Employee Relations considered the recently negotiated MMA Contract for 2015-2017, at a meeting of the Subcommittee held Thursday, October 29th. Under State Statute, Minn. Stat. Sec 3.855, a negotiated State employee contract must be submitted to this Subcommittee when the legislature is not in session and it has the authority under law to approve or reject a contract on an interim basis. In addition to MMA’s Contract, the Subcommittee also considered the AFSCME and MAPE contracts.

The vote on the motion to approve the MMA Contract was evenly split with 5 DFL’ers supporting our Contract and 5 Republicans disapproving the Contract. The vote on the AFSCME and MAPE contracts was the same. Read Full Article