Summary of MMA 2015-17 Tentative Agreement

After months of negotiations and three full days of bargaining last week, the MMA bargaining team reached a tentative agreement with the State for a two year agreement. Most importantly, the tentative agreement includes 2.5% in wages given on July 1st of each year. MMA was also heavily involved in the Joint Coalition of State unions that began discussions with the State about health insurance this spring. During those meetings the State proposed that the employee’s percentage contributions to premium should increase. However the unions were firm in their belief that there would be no change to the % of employee contributions in premium. As you may know from the AFSCME/MAPE settlements, the unions prevailed and there were no changes to the contribution percentages and very few changes to the plan design.  The changes do involve an increase in deductibles and office copays.

Many of our supervisors live in greater Minnesota, where access to minute clinics is limited, so we want to remind you that online clinics, such as Virtuwell, are available to treat many of the things that might otherwise be an office visit and at the same reduced price as in-person convenience clinics (such as minute clinics).  You can find more information at

During negotiations the MMA team fought for and got an expanded ability to talk to new supervisors  in conjunction with the supervisory core trainings. In addition, one of MMA’s priorities during this bargaining period was to increase opportunities for our supervisors to receive supervisory training. At the end of bargaining, the State agreed to meet with MMA, by agency, to deal with issues of supervisory training and work together to create better access.

The Tentative Agreement also includes an increase in the number of comp time hours that can be converted  to deferred comp once a year to 80 hours (currently 40) and on separation, comp hours would go to the HCSP (with some exceptions).

MMA also resisted State “take back” proposals and protected current benefits and rights in probationary periods, meal allowances, posting periods for expression of interest and current overtime provisions.

Substantive agreements were made in the following Agency supplements: Public Safety, DNR, and DOT.

Details of these and other changes in the TA will be sent to Full members by US Mail, along with a ballot, in the next few weeks. We will post an update when they go out.

Fair Share members who join by July 28, 2015 will also be able to get a ballot and further details by US Mail.

All ballots will be due in the MMA office August 25th at 4:30 p.m.

Alert: Tentative Settlement Reached!

Middle Management Association’s Negotiations Committee reached a tentative agreement with the State of Minnesota on a 2015-2017 Labor Agreement on Friday evening, July 17, 2015. The MMA Board of Directors after a special meeting is recommending to the members adoption of the tentative agreement. Contract ratification materials, including a ratification ballot, details on the settlement and a self addressed postage paid return envelope will be mailed out to full members in the next two weeks.

Fair share members who join by July 28, 2015 as full share members for the low rate of $1.50 more per pay period will also receive the packet and be able to vote on the tentative agreement. (See related article on how to join online now.)

Members will need to mail their ballots so that MMA receives them no later than 4:30 pm on Tuesday, August 25, 2015 to be counted. The ballots will be counted by the MMA Elections Committee that night and results announced shortly thereafter. If the membership ratifies this tentative agreement, it will be presented to the Legislative Subcommittee on Employee Relations for it’s action and approval before it becomes effective.

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The advantages of membership include your ability to participate in and help shape the policy direction of Middle Management Association. You will also have a voice in both legislative and bargaining objectives as well as voting on the negotiated agreement. Additionally, twenty $1,500 scholarships are available each year to full members and their dependent children.

Membership in Middle Management Association is $10.00 per payroll period, while fair share assessment is $8.50 per payroll period. Currently, over 80% of the supervisors who are represented by Middle Management Association are full dues paying members.

We urge you to become a full member of Middle Management Association by completing the online membership form. If you have any questions about MMA, please call (651) 222-3811 and (800) 642-2373.

MMA Members Roundtable

Greetings MMA Supervisors;

You are invited to attend a members roundtable hosted by MMA Executive Director Gary Kloos.  This is an opportunity to meet with Gary Kloos and Business Representatives My Lee and Robyn Cousin to hear about what’s happening at the Association as well as share your questions, ideas and concerns with your top leaders.  Specific topics that will be discussed include updates on negotiations, trends, and more.  Lunch will be provided.  Please work with your manager/supervisor to flex your time or take comp time to attend this meeting.  Space is limited.  REGISTER NOW by clicking on one of the links below. ( You do not need to print the ticket after you’ve registered.)

What: MMA Members Roundtable

Event Dates:

Please contact MMA’s Office at 651-222-3811 if you have any questions.

Scholarships Awarded

The Scholarship Screening Committee reviewed sixty-six applications for the 2015-2016 academic years. The Scholarship Screening Committee included Julie Ramer, Chair, Explore Minnesota Tourism, Jim Manson, Revenue, Mary Vang, MnSCU and Dora Schumacher, MnSCU.There are always more deserving applicants than available scholarships; however, the screening committee had to make the difficult decision of choosing the winners. The applicants chosen illustrated not only outstanding academic achievement, but a balance of community service, work experience and family obligations. The recipients for member category are:

Wendy Walburg
Department of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Megan Giesen
Department of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Shawn Reynolds
Department of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Dan Conklin
Department of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

The recipients for dependent category are: Read Full Article