New MMA Business Representative

MMA has added a new Business Representative to its staff: her name is Robyn Cousin and her first day of employment was July 16, 2014.

Robyn joins us after a long career in public education in MPS, the Minneapolis Public Schools. Robyn holds a BS degree in Industrial Education, and a MEd degree in Vocational Ed. She started as a classroom teacher with MPS in 1980 and soon moved into administration when she was selected to manage the district volunteer and community partner program.

In 1994 Robyn became active in MAAC, the collective bargaining unit for administrators and consultants in MPS. Since that time she has served several terms as secretary, vice-president and president for the association. While serving in leadership roles with MAAC, Robyn has acquired a lot of experience in contract management, dealing with contract interpretation, discipline and investigations. Robyn has also appointed and served on the negotiating team for four contracts, the most recent ratified on June 10, 2014.

Robyn has also served on several boards of non-profit organizations, on both the local, state and national level. Robyn resides in Northeast Minneapolis with her husband and three children. Her interests include traveling, cognitive coaching and distance running. One of her goals is to someday complete a marathon.

We are pleased to have Robyn working for MMA and welcome her to the MMA team.

Reminder to all Supervisors

A one percent (1%) employee wage contribution to the employee’s Health Care Savings Plan starts July 1, 2014.

Middle Management Association supervisors authorized and approved this contribution as a separate proposal (and vote) during the ratification of the 2013-2015 MMA Labor Agreement.

MSRS will be sending a letter with additional information to supervisors on the Health Care Savings Plan on June 2, 2014.

Reminders Regarding End of Fiscal Year

With the end of the fiscal year coming up, please check to make sure of your status on the following:

Floating Holiday – Did you use it this fiscal year? If not, schedule it off before June 30, 2014 or you will lose it (see Article 9, Section 2 fur further details).

Vacation Balance – Has your vacation accumulation been at or below 275 once during the fiscal year? If not, try to get your vacation balance down to 275 or below before June 30, 2014.  If you are not able to get it down to 275 hours, your balance will automatically reduce to 275 hours for the start of the next fiscal year (see Article 8, Section 1E).

Deferred Compensation – If you are at the top step of your range or will be by June 30th, you are eligible to convert up to 40 hours of vacation to deferred compensation. You must complete the appropriate forms no later than June 7th (see Article 8, Section 9).

You must complete the forms on the employee self-service system to receive the $300.00 State contribution even if you are not eligible for or do not choose to convert vacation to deferred compensation (see Article 16, Section 16).

Compensatory Time Bank Liquidation – Please be aware that, at the discretion of the appointing authority, all or a portion of your compensatory bank may be liquidated in cash. One of the pay periods this can occur is the one closest to July 1st. Check with your individual agency to find out if they liquidate compensatory time (see Article 11, Section 1D(4) and Section 3).

Scholarships Awarded

The Scholarship Screening Committee reviewed sixty-eight applications for the 2014-2015 academic years. The Scholarship Screening Committee included Julie Ramer, Chair, Explore Minnesota Tourism, Rob Rose, Human Services, Shelly Siegel, MnSCU and Kathy Hanson, Labor and Industry.

There are always more deserving applicants than available scholarships; however, the Screening Committee had to make the difficult decision of choosing the winners. The applicants chosen illustrated not only outstanding   academic achievement, but a balance of community service, work experience and   family obligations.

The recipients for member category is:

Stephanie Larson
Department of Human Services

Dan Conklin
Department of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

The recipients for dependent category are:

Julie Regimbal
Father is Gregg Regimbal, Department of Agriculture

Amanda Rumpca
Mother is Susan Rumpca, Department of Minnesota Management and Budget

Avery Tucker
Mother is Dorene Fier-Tucker, Department of Pollution Control Agency

Aaron Nordrum
Father is Kip Oveson, Department of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Matthew Kluthe
Mother is Beth Kluthe, Department of Health

Jessica Regenscheid
Mother is Diana Regenscheid, Department of Natural Resources

Anna Nelson
Mother is Ellen Nelson, Department of Veterans Affairs

Joseph Regenscheid
Mother is Diana Regenscheid, Department of Natural Resources

AnaElise Beckman
Mother is Robin Goldman, Department of Corrections

Cassidy Dunkley
Father is Richard Dunkley, Department of Natural Resources

Breanna Leas
Father is Joel Leas, Department of Transportation

Rachel Tucker
Mother is Dorene Fier-Tucker, Department of Pollution Control Agency

Kayla Schneider
Father is Bryan Schneider, Department of Minnesota State Colleges and   Universities

Marissa Yetter
Mother is Teresa Yetter, Department of Education

Priyanka Narayan
Father is Gopal Narayan, Department of Human Services

Melissa Saholt
Father is Jeffrey Saholt, Department of Transportation

Hannah Stoffel
Father is Ronald Stoffel, Department of Natural Resources

McKenna Stendel
Mother is Melissa Paquette, Department of Corrections

Our congratulations and best wishes to those selected.


Legislative Session Commences

During legislative sessions, the MMA staff and lobbyist continually monitor legislative activities concerning issues of interest to our members. However, the legislative process is very fluid and ever changing and this task can be challenging as the number of legislative committee meetings and bills increase.

Therefore, if you become aware of legislative issues/bills that you believe have the potential to positively or negatively impact State employees, and specifically MMA supervisors, please contact the MMA office and immediately update one of the staff members on the issue/bill to ensure we are aware of this activity and adequately tracking and addressing the issue/bill.


MMA is excited to announce that effective immediately (including the applications that are currently being submitted to MMA) that instead of granting up to 6 scholarships per academic year, MMA will now award up to 20 scholarships of $1,500 each year! Please remember, the deadline is March 15th so return your applications to the MMA office as soon as possible to be eligible for this great opportunity.