New Leadership for MMA!

The MMA Board of Directors is pleased and excited to announce new leadership for MMA. The MMA Board hired a search consultant in August to assist the Executive Committee in hiring a new Executive Director for MMA. The consultant then conducted an assessment of potential interested internal candidates and made a recommendation to the Board hiring committee, which was then forwarded and acted on by the full Board.

Gary Kloos, currently MMA President, has been selected and has accepted the position of Executive Director of MMA effective November 5th.

Gary Kloos MMA Executive Director

Gary Kloos
MMA Executive Director

Gary comes with a wealth of experience as a supervisor with the State of Minnesota in the Department of Transportation. As president of MMA, Gary was recently featured in our ‘Getting to Know you’ column which you can review here if you missed it.

The MMA Board is also pleased to announce, as per our constitution, that Kathy Hanson, MMA Vice President, will now assume the role and duties of President.

Kathy has served on the Board of Directors since April of 1993 and has served as Treasurer since April of 2003. Please see the related article for more information about Kathy.

The MMA Board and Staff are excited and energized to continue the work of MMA with our new leaders.

Getting to Know Kathy Hanson, MMA President

Kathy Hanson

Kathy Hanson

In her own words Kathy shares the following information with us –

My current position is as a State Program Administrative Supervisor Principal with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, Workers’ Compensation Division. I have been an employee with the State of MN since 1973 with my first 6 years at the Minnesota Community College System office and the last 35 years at Labor and Industry.

In my state career, I was very active in AFSCME until becoming a supervisor in 1984.

I believe the primary purpose of MMA is to support and serve our members in their professional and economic growth, by representing them in investigations, grievances, negotiations and labor management meetings; in addition to providing a means for exchanging information and expressing opinions on matters that are pertinent to them. Read Full Article

Getting to Know… Julie Ramer, Chair MMA Scholarship Committee

Julie Ramer, MMA Board Member Notice the pin on Julie's sweater? She wears a different pin every day in memory of her grandmother who started the tradition when she gave Julie a pin as a memento.

Julie Ramer, MMA Board Member
Notice the pin on Julie’s sweater? She wears a different pin every day in memory of her grandmother who started the tradition when she gave Julie a pin as a memento.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Julie Ramer after the MMA Leadership retreat on September 23rd. Julie was a featured speaker during the dinner program and gave a delightful overview of the work of Explore Minnesota and highlighted some of the destination spots in Minnesota. Julie is also a member of the MMA Executive Committee and Chairs the MMA Scholarship Committee.

Julie has been with the State of Minnesota since 1986, starting as a student worker with the MnDOT travel information centers. Read Full Article


MMA member Kimberly Roan, Registrar at Anoka Technical College was recently awarded her doctorate degree from St. Cloud State University. She attributes her success in part to the  scholarship she received this spring from MMA. In her own words she explains the difference the MMA scholarship made in the achievement of her dream.


Dr. Kimberly F. Roan

The benefits of a MMA Scholarship

Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience of advancing in higher education and utilizing the benefits of the Middle Management Association.

I will begin with a quote by Madeline Hunter. She says, “If you want to feel secure, do what you already know how to do. If you want to be a true professional and continue to grow-go to the cutting edge of your competence, which means a temporary loss of security. So whenever you don’t quite know what you’re doing, know that you’re growing.” Read Full Article

Getting to Know…

Greetings MMA members! I would like to introduce you to a new MMA website feature ‘Getting to Know…’

This column will highlight MMA members on a regular basis. This is one of our new attempts to communicate with members and give you a chance to know who is in our association. Our first featured member is –

Gary Kloos (2)


Gary Kloos, MMA President

Q: What is your current position with the State of MN?

Gary: I work for the Department of Transportation and have been a supervisor out of St. Cloud since 1992. Read Full Article

First Month on the Job

Greetings MMA members!

It’s hard to believe it has already been one month since I joined MMA as a Business Representative on July 16th. I was very excited about this opportunity to bring my skills and experience to MMA and I have not been disappointed.

When your President Gary Kloos talked about his and the Board’s vision, to focus on member outreach and development, and to engage more with labor management around non-contractual issues, I was quite intrigued and eager to have a role in developing the strategies to accomplish these goals. Read Full Article